SENIOR WING: SECTOR - 3, URBAN ESTATE (01744-231804), JUNIOR WING: SECTOR -13 (01744-221803), URBAN ESTATE, HARYANA - 136118
Home Management  

 Home Management lab is a huge success. Students have shown great interest in learning various activities. In this workshop students of V to X standards are being imparted training in elementary cooking, baking, washing, ironing, stitching, block and batik painting, embroidery, tie & dye, laying tables, arranging wardrobes and also making salads, puddings, soups, snacks, squashes, cakes, cookies, ice-creams and a lot more. 

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Affiliation Number: 530237
School Code: 40221
Senior Wing: Sector - 3, Urban Estate, 01744 - 231804
Junior Wing: Sector - 13, Urban Estate, 01744 - 221803
HARYANA - 136118
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